Modified Vintage Tractor
Class Rep: Tim Anderson

WEIGHT: 1st class mandatory  5750 lbs  (8 MPH speed limit)
                2nd class optional 5750 lbs (open speed limit)

Eligibility of puller and tractor, all contestants must obey OTTPA general and class rules.

1.     Tractor must be 1972 or older, 2 wheel drive. should maintain substantially stock appearance.

2.     Rubber tires. No larger than 18.4 x 38", any cut allowed on tires. No radial tires. No steel wheels. No duals

3.        All interior enhancements of stock manufacturers parts are permitted. Any engine of    the same manufacturer and
number of cylinders as original is allowed. Any updraft carburetor allowed if the number of barrels is the same. Rev limiters
allowed. No engine deck plates, no secondary fuels. No diesel fuel engines allowed to run gas or propane. Must have working
governor. Gas diesel and LPG fuels only. No alcohol fuel allowed

4.      No  weight frame or weight may extend more than 11 feet forward from centre of rear axle.

4.      Drawbar height not to exceed 20 inch at point of hitch. Drawbar shall not be less than 18 inch from centre of rear axle
to               pull point. Drawbar must be secure in all directions.

5.     Drawbar hook opening  must be a minimum of 3 inch x 3.75 inch and painted orange, no drawbar supports above
centre             line of rear axle unless attached to an original OEM drawbar.

6.     Driver must remain seated and signal that the tractor is out of gear when hitching and unhitching from pulling sled.
Drivers             must obey track flag person at all times.

7.     All tractors must have wheelie bars, minimum requirements are:

A) 10 inch above the ground maximum
B) The back of the wheelie bar is to extend a minimum of 6 inch behind the outer tire radius.
C) Pads must be minimum 5x5 and spaced a minimum of 20 inch from outside of each pad, independent from the drawbar         
and must be able to support the heaviest weight of the tractor.

8.     RPM is limited to 30% over NATPA stock rating; maximum is 3000 rpm. Drawbars, RPM and weight may be rechecked
at         weigh scales or anytime by track officials.

9.     Speed limit will be 8 MPH, speed cone will be at half track; if the tractor exceeds 8 mph prior to reaching the speed cone,
a horn will sound.  if tractor exceeds 8 MPH after the front of the sled passes the cone, the tractor / driver will be disqualified
whether or not a horn sounds . The tractor is disqualified for speeding, if registered will receive last place points however, no
payout monies will be received.

10.    A kill switch/runaway switch with a minimum of 2 inch steel ring is required. Must kill electric fuel pump. Diesels must
have           an air shutoff. A working fire extinguisher is required on the tractor.

11.    Tractors must have fenders as high as the outer radius of the tire and working brakes at all times.

12.    Tractors can only be entered one time per class.

13.    Farm tractors sold and warrantied in North America only. No experimental or prototype tractors. No tractors redesigned
by          conversion companies.

14.    Tractors must be naturally aspirated with the exhaust pointing away from spectators. No turbos allowed

15.    Fuel tank and/or battery may be re located.