Super Stock 4x4 Trucks
Class Rep: Richard Pepper
1.  After market manifolds, carburetors, and headers are allowed

2.  Must be naturally aspirated with single carburetor (Venturi type). No fuel injection. Alcohol is allowed.

3.  Inside the frame headers pipes must exit behind the cab. Outside the frame headers pipes can exit straight
behind the cab. Vertical headers must be within 10 degrees of plumb.

4.  Weights and weights bars must be securely mounted. Front of weights or weights bars must be no more than  60
inches from the center line of the front axle. The weight box and weight bars MUST be left in the stationary position
while the vehicle is in motion down the track.

5.  Ladder bars are only allowed on leaf type suspension. Coil suspension must have coil located over the center line
of axle with radius arms not to exceed 30 inches in length. Front axle ladder bars not to exceed 30" in length
measured form the axle center line. No scissor type frames allowed. All trucks must have a working suspension
comprised of factory production style springs and shackles. All suspension spacer blocks must be a maximum of 8'
in length. Leaf spring rear suspension only.

6.  Automatic transmission trucks must use full blankets properly installed front to back or SFI approve transmission
shields. All flex plates must be SFI approved.

7.  Hitch to be connected to the frame only, rigid in all directions. Height is to be a maximum of 24 inches form the
top of the hook point to the ground. Hitch length must be a minimum of 34% of wheelbase and measured from the
center line of the rear axle to the hook point. No drawbar angle can be greater than the angle of the sled chain.
Acceptable angle = 0 degrees to a maximum of 30 degrees from the ground.

8.  Engine mounts can be stock and solid. The drivers side # 2 spark plug may not exceed over the center line of
front axle. If stock engine mounts are used an engine chain (3/8") is required on drivers side only.

9.  Cast blocks and heads - no aluminium.

10.  OEM type transmission and transfer case only.

11. Tires must be stamped DOT and not cut or shaved in any way. No bar or tractor lug design permitted.

12.  Tires must be maximum 35 inches in diameter.  No dual tires.

13.  Maximum of 526 CID engine size.

14.  No truck may hook in two different divisions at the same event.

15.  No complete fiberglass bodies are allowed. Fiberglass panels ex: doors, fenders, box panels, or hoods are

16.  No diesel engines are allowed.

17.  No tubular frames are allowed (automotive style only).


1.  All clutches, flywheels and bellhousings must have owner  sign a guarantee of compliance and verification form

2.  Fire extinguisher must be in cab of truck and be compatible to the fuel being used.

3.  All drvieshaft "U" joints must have protective covers made of 1/4 " steel or 3/8" aluminium. Rear driveshaft must
have one safety hoop ( minimum 1" wide by 1/4" thick steel).

4.  Backup lights must be functional and should operate as designed by the manufacturer. No manual backup light
switch devices are acceptable. Rear kill switch must disable the ignition and electric fuel pumps. Minimum 2" steel

5.   Minimum of lap seat belts and approved helmets must be worn when pulling.

6.  Standard transmission must have steel bell housing complete with commercially available 3/16" block plate.
Block plate bolts must be Grade 8 with a minimum of 6 bolts or all holes available must have bolts. A  .090 liner is
also recommended. Clutch and flywheel must be SFI approved. Automatics must use full blankets properly installed
front to back or SFI transmission shield and blanket combination and have  SFI approved flex plates.

7.  All trucks must have a neutral safety switch. Clutch pedal must be fully depressed to activate starter.

8.  All drivers must wear a complete fire suit (minimum requirements - single layer fire suit, fire gloves, balaclava, fire
boots or leather work boots). No leather running shoes allowed. Minimum Snell 2000 helmet.

9.  Harmonic balancer must be SFI approved.

10.  No engine driven fan blades.

11.  Side shields of 1/8" steel or aluminium are required to cover the entire block that the frame doesn't.

12.  Trucks with lift bodies must have the body in lowered position before the vehicle (running or stopped).
      Lift bodies must have a safety lock to hold up the body.

13.  At no time will a pulling truck be left alone while running.

14.  Rear axle shields are mandatory on all Super Stock Trucks. Shields must be at least .060 thick.
      Shields must cover minimum diameter of axle end.

15.  No fuel tanks are allowed under the hood of the pulling vehicle.

16. Windshields are optional (for safety).