Pro Street Diesel Trucks
Class Rep: Grant Parkinson
Class Tech: Josh Upton, Chris Kazarian, Matt Beebe
Regulations: If the intent of something is not here as a rule, it is not allowed. There are no grace or demo hooks.

1) Any member caught in default of the following rules will not receive points for his/her pull.

Weight for this class - 8200 lbs

Ballast weight - Weight bars or boxes are allowed, to a maximum 5 feet (60 inches) from centerline of front axle
to futhermost part of weight bar or box. It is recommended that wheels, rollers, or skis be put on weight boxes to
prevent contact with the ground.

Batteries - All batteries must be securely mounted. They may not be mounted in the driver's compartment or
forward of the rad support.

Body - The body must have been available from the factory in a production 3/4 or 1 ton diesel configuration. The
body must retain all factory sheet metal. No aftermarket fiberglass body(s) or fiberglass panels allowed. Fiberglass
or metal hood scoops are allowed. The hood must be mounted and closed during a run/pull. The complete floor pan,
firewall and bed floor must be retained. All holes into the driver's compartment should be sealed from fumes. No cab
and chassis or other constructed type trucks will be allowed. Complete headlight, marker light and taillight
assemblies must be present. Front bumper(s) is mandatory.

Brakes - Four wheel hydraulic brakes are mandatory and must be in good working condition.

Chassis - A factory made frame available in a production 3/4 or 1 ton diesel truck must be used. The body must
match the chassis for the make and model intended during production. The engine must be located within the
unmodified factory firewall and rad support for the body used.  Rads and location are optional. Rad may be mounted
in the drivers compartment and must be concealed. The truck must retain the full factory chassis. Wheel tubs, back
half conversion, tube chassis etc are prohibited.

Driveline - All transmissions, transfer cases, and axles, front and rear must have been available in a production
3/4 or 1 ton chassis from a recognized manufacturer.

Front and Rear Axles - Any front/rear axle assembly normally available in  a 3/4 or 1 ton truck may be used.
Swapping from manufacturer to manufacturer is allowed. High strength custom made axle shafts are allowed. They
must fit into a stock appearing housing and retain the standard 8 bolt wheel stud pattern. Bracing and trussing are

Wheelbase - The truck must retain the original production wheelbase and track width for the body/chassis used.
Offset wheels may be used. Front wheel dually spacers may only be used when accompanied by dual rear wheels.

Driver restraint system - All drivers must use/wear the factory installed seatbelt system for the body used.
Aftermarket SFI seatbelts are allowed provided they are of the single release style. A single layer SFI  fire suit must
be worn.

Driveshaft loops - All trucks shall have at least one driveshaft shield around "each" universal joint on the truck.
This shield shall completely cover the joint being protected. The shield may be steel or aluminum and must be at
least 1/4" thick. The rear driveshaft shall have one restraining loop located approximately mid length pf the
driveshaft. The loop shall be steel or aluminum and must be at least 1/4" thick and securely mounted.

Exhaust - All vehicles must have an upwards pointing exhaust stack either rearward of the drivers compartment
or through the hood. No exceptions. Two 3/8" cross bolts shall be installed in the exhaust pipe as close to the turbo
exhaust outlet as possible.

Fuel Injection Pump - The fuel injection pump is limited to a stock appearing, factory available pump,  in a 3/4
or 1 ton diesel truck application. Pump swapping from manufacturer to manufacturer is allowed. Dual high pressure
common rail pumps or dual HPOPS are permitted.

Fuel only to be injected through the injection pump and injectors.

Harmonic Balancer - A SFI balancer is mandatory.

Hitches - The hitch must be solid in all directions and securely mounted to the frame of the truck. The hitch may
not be attached to the frame forward of the rear axle centerline. The hitch must be the rear most part of the truck,
including the normal location of the tailgate if the tailgate has been removed. Sled bumpers may be further back than
the hitch. No bumper hitches allowed. No sharing of hitches. Hitch point to be painted florescent orange as per
general rules. 24" maximum height.

Interior - Trucks must retain a factory dashboard and glass (front, sides, rear). Drivers window is to remain
functional. Two matching front seat are mandatory.

Steering - The truck must retain either  the full factory style steering and steering mechanisms for the chassis
used or a hydraulic piston or ram style steering systems will be allowed provided the steering wheel assembly is in
the stock location in the dash . Additional steering stabilizer shocks are allowed.

Suspension front - Factory style or aftermarket front suspensions are allowed.

Suspension rear - A factory style suspension, for the chassis used must be in place. Traction bars are
allowed. Blocking of the rear suspension is allowed. There must be at least one working shock per wheel.

Air Bags - Air bags front or rear allowed, no on board compressors or in cab adjusters.

Tires - Any DOT highway tire may be used. No agricultural or turf type tires allowed even if DOT approved.
Maximum tire height as measured shall be 35" tall by a maximum tread face width of 14.5". Cut tires are not allowed.
Dual rear wheels will be allowed.

Water Injection - No water injection is allowed. Water may not be introduced into the intake tract at any time.
No part of any delivery system is allowed on the truck for any reason.

22) Propane, Nitrous Oxide, or other flame or combustion accelerators are allowed. No part of any delivery system is
allowed on the truck for any reason.

Fuel - Must be #1 or  #2  diesel. No alcohol is allowed. Biodiesel is allowed. No additives are allowed other than
fuel conditioners, or lubricating oil. Fuel may not enter the cab of the truck.

Engines - Any diesel compression ignition engine produced for a North American made 3/4 or 1 ton truck may
be used. No aftermarket heads or blocks. Maximum engine size is 460 CI. Engine swaps from make to make,
model to model, or year to year are allowed.

Turbocharger - The vehicle is limited to a single turbocharger; twin turbos are not allowed for any reason even
if originally equipped from the manufacturer. The turbocharger size for this class is 2.8". This equates to 71MM. A
2.8 bushing will need to be used if the compressor wheel exceeds 2.8. If a bushing is used  it must be round, at least
3/4 inch long, mounted within 0.050 inch of the compressor wheel, and the inside diameter of the bushing may not
exceed the 2.8 inch limit at compressor wheel. The inlet will be measured using a 2.85 inch plug. A stock map width
enhancement(MWE) groove is allowed. No MWE groove will be allowed that has a width greater of 1/4 inch. All
provisions allowing air to the wheel other than via the bore and the  MWE groove are prohibited. A 3.0" smooth turbo
will be allowed for the 2016 season with the consideration of being the class limit for the 2017 season.
Aftermarket exhaust manifolds, and turbo adapters are allowed.

Transmissions - (A functional neutral safety switch is mandatory. A functioning backup light switch must be
present and working as per the general rules)

Automatic Transmission - Non OEM transmissions are prohibited. The transmission used must have been
available in a 3/4 or 1 ton North American application. Aftermarket torque converters, valve bodies,  and internal
components are permitted. Transmission brakes are prohibited, Any non OEM floor mounted automatic
transmission shifter must be equipped with a spring loaded positive reverse lockout device to prevent the shifter
from accidentally being put into reverse gear. All transmission lines must be metallic or high pressure type hose. All
vehicles must be equipped with a transmission shield meeting SFI spec 4.1 and must be labeled accordingly. A
blanket type shield is permitted, it must be appropriately labeled as meeting SFI spec 4.1 and it must extend from
the rear of the block to the front of tail housing with a minimum 6 inch overlap where it is fastened.

Standard Transmission - Non OEM transmission are prohibited. The transmission must have been available in a
3/4 or 1 ton Norht American application. Aftermarket internal components are permitted. A clutch meeting minimum
SFI spec 1.1 or 1.2 is mandatory on all standard transmissions. All manual transmissions must be clutch assisted.
Sequential shifters are prohibited. All vehicles equipped with a manual transmission must have a flywheel shield
labeled as meeting minimum SFI spec 6.3 or greater. Applications for which an SFI spec flywheel shield is not
available may use properly attached SFI 4.1 or 4.2 blanket that completely covers the bell housing; it must be
attached to the block and extend rearward to the transmission with a minimum 6 inches overlap where it is fastened.
The flywheel and clutch must have owner / driver sign a guarantee of compliance and verification form

Air Shutoff - All trucks shall have an air shutoff located in the intake tract. The shutoff will have a cable or similar
connection to the rear of the truck and shall terminate as per the general rules.  A second cable for the air shutoff
shall be located in the driver's compartment and within easy reach of the driver while seated.

Fuel Shutoff - A cable operated fuel shutoff/dump valve shall be located within east reach of the driver while
seated in the driver's compartment.  Electrical injection trucks shall be deemed to comply using the key.

29) No engine driven fans allowed.

30) Puller must attend 25% of the pulls for one season to be eligible to vote in that year.