Pro Mod Diesel
Class Rep: Heath Mulock

The Pro Mod Diesel category is designed for full bodies street or track trucks. Weight is with the driver.

a.  The body must be the OEM truck body.  Trucks must have a complete (left to right) firewall and drivers side floor
(under driver compartment from firewall to rear of seat) made of at least 1/8" aluminum.  Windshield and windows
may be made of lexan. Functional back up lights are mandatory. Batteries must be securely mounted, they may not
be located in the driver compartment. Modifications to truck box are permitted but trucks must either run a full bed
floor or tonneau cover. Fiberglass box sides are permitted.

b.  An OEM chassis is  mandatory. Wheel tubs, back-half conversions, tube chassis, etc., are prohibited. The engine
must be in the OEM location for the body used. The vehicle must retain the factory frame.

c.  All engines are to be shielded with heavy rubber belting or 0.060 steel. EX: steel inner fenders or rubber belting
covering everything above the frame to the deck of the motor. Engines can not be visible through wheel wells.

d.  The vehicle must have an OEM wheelbase and maximum track width of 102". (FRONT AND REAR).

e.  Front weight is permitted. Hanging weights may not extend more than 60 inches from the centerline of the front
axle. They must be securely mounted.


a: Any axle, any transfer case, any transmission is permitted. No planetary rears are allowed.

b. Axle and hub bolt shield required. Shield must be at least 0.060 inch thick, minimum diameter of axle end or hub
bolts to be covered on both front and rear axles.

c: mounting shield cannot be mounted to axle end or hub bolts.

d. working brakes are mandatory on front wheels only.


An OEM style front and rear suspension is NOT mandatory.

a: traction bars ans devices permitted.

b: strut tower braces, lower tie bars, sway bars, limit straps, and camber kits are permitted.

c: blocking, welding and four linking are permitted.

d: air bags must be unhooked form compressor.


Vehicle must have at least 5 round metal hoops shielding drive shafts.

a: a minimum of 3 hoops around the driveshaft tube.

b: in addition there must be 2 end loops that cover the universal joints.

c: all hoops must be minimum of 3/8 inch aluminium or 5/16 steel, 3/4 inch wide and not more than 2 inches from the
shaft in any direction. They must completely (360 degrees) cover the shaft.

d: may use solid tube (3/8 aluminium or 5/16 steel) to meet the above requirements.


The hooking point must be the rear most point of the vehicle.

The hitch must be horizontal to the ground and stationary in all directions hooked to the frame no further ahead than
the center of the rear axle.

The hitch's height from the ground may not exceed 26 inches (measured at the top of hitching device).

The hooking point must have a minimum 3.50 inch inside diameter opening for the sled hook.


15. Tires must be stamped DOT approved with a maximum height of 35 inches nd mounted on rims no wider than
14 inches. Tire tread alterations are allowed to a maximum of 1/4" wear bars. Dual DOT wheels are permitted. The
use of a dually spacer on the front axle can only be used in conjunction with the use of an off set dually rim. Cut tires
(cepeks, etc.) are permitted with a maximum weight of 7500 lbs and DOT tires run 8000 lbs.

**Trial period of weight and hitch height **


The engine is restricted to a single 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder compression ignition engine.

Maximum displacement of 7.6lt (466 cubic inch) all vehicles must have an OEM style engine that came in a 1 ton
pickup or less. (conversions are allowed).

No engine driven fans permitted.

Balancers must be SFI approved.

All engines must have OEM heads.

Mechanical or electrical fuel injection is permitted but is limited to the maximum injection pump size of a P-pump. NO

If vehicles are found to emit excessive engine fluids they must be equipped with a catch can to collect all liquids from
the engines vents & overflows. Catch cans must be able to collect all liquids normally expelled from the vehicle during
the pull. Cans must be a closed container with an inlet and a vent.


All vehicles must be equipped to direct exhaust straight up (no curve outs) out of hood. All hood stacks must be at
least 12 inches over the sheet metal. Two grade # 5 (3/8 inch diameter) bolts must be placed in a cross pattern
within one inch of each other directly behind the final turbo.


Fuel must be pump #1/#2 diesel only. Soy/Biodiesel fuel is permitted. No diesel fuel must enter the CAB.

Nitrous oxide is prohibited. All other oxygen extenders are prohibited. System components must be removed from
the truck.

Propane is prohibited. System components must be removed from the truck.


Water injection is permitted.   Alcohol, methanol, and all other flammables are prohibited. No dry ice commercially
available pump lube is allowed.


Turbochargers are limited to dual stage compounding turbo's. Atmospheric (Final) is limited to a 106mm inducer
bore, NO bushings allowed. Single turbos are unlimited in size.


A functional neutral safety switch is mandatory


All vehicles must have a properly attached SFI 4.1 or 4.2 blanket that completely covers the bell housing. It must be
attached to the block and extend rearward to the transmission.

A clutch (including a flywheel) meeting minimum SFI spec 1.1 or 1.2 is mandatory on all vehicles.

All transmissions must be clutch assisted.

Driveshafts between engine and transfer case must have solid shielding a minimum of 3/8 inch aluminium or 5/16

The flywheel and clutch must have owner sign a guarantee of compliance and verification form


Any non OEM floor mounted automatic transmission shifter must be equipped with a spring loaded positive reverse
lockout device to prevent the shifter from accidentally being put into reverse gear.

All vehicles must be equipped with a blanket type shield meeting SFI spec 4.1 and extending from the rear of the
block to front of tail housing.

b: all vehicles must be equipped with a flex plate meeting SFI spec 29.1.

c: all transmission lines must be metallic or high pressure type hose.


All trucks are to be equipped with hood pins only, no cable operated secondary latch mechanisms.

A sled and driver operated spring loaded emergency air shut off is mandatory. The cable must terminate into a two
inch diameter steel ring.

All trucks must be equipped with a driver operated fuel shutoff capable of redirecting fuel flow from the injection
pump back to the tank. EX in line three way dump valve.

Electronic fuel injection trucks must be equipped with injector pulse kill switch.

A 2lb or larger ABC fire extinguisher is mandatory. It must be securely mounted on passenger side floor.

All drivers must wear a fire suit meeting a minimum of SFI 3.2 A/1 and wear leather steel toe boots.

7.  All drivers must have a drivers license.

8.  The OEM or aftermarket restraint system is mandatory and must be worn.

9.  The driver must wear a helmet meeting  SNELL 2000 standards.


1.  Drivers window must remain down during pulling.


3.  The class agrees that no driver will agree to a pull off without adequate cool down time for all trucks (at least one
class). only at the track official discretion.