Photo Gallery/ Rules
Modified Farm Tractors
Class Rep: Tracy Tyler & Andrew Beer - 10,500
      Jim McFarlane  - 8000
Tech: Andrew Beer, Chris Miller, Tracy Tyler, Adam Johnson

1.  Tech and rep decisions are final. Tractors may be inspected at any event.
a: Top 5 tractors from class have 1 name drawn to be teched that event.

2.  Tractors must be cubic inch checked and sealed before the pulling season or first appearance of vehicle during
the pulling season. If the seal is broken, the vehicle must be rechecked before pulling again. The seal will consist of a
wire going through two drilled oil pan bolts. Engine must be checked by appointed tech committee.

3.  No grace pulls.

4.  No four wheel drive or dual wheels allowed

5.  One pull per vehicle per event. Only if there is no 8000 class offered can an 8000 vehicle pull in the 10500 class.

6.  Maximum engine displacement

8000lb        410 cu inch turbo charged
              800 cu inch naturally aspirated
10,500        540 cu inch

Engine must be stock block for that model tractor with externally stock OEM head, OEM intake, and OEM exhaust      
systems, excluding filter and muffler. A manufacturer replacement engine is allowed but must be with the original         
stock injection pump. De cubed motors are not allowed in the 8000 lb class.

7.   Injection pump must be stock appearing for that model with no visible modifications. No P series injections        
pumps are allowed in the 8000 lb class. Oversized injectors and lines are permitted. Tractors currently fitted with a
Roosamaster injection pump may use a Bosch model 100 injection pump, this will be on a trial basis subject to
handicap if needed.

8.   One turbocharger only allowed with stock footprint. The use of an adapter plate is permitted to reposition
the               charger if necessary. Holes and slots are permitted in the original housing but all restricters must be
made of               solid one piece material affixed to the turbo. The turbo must not be exposed.

8000 lbs:
2 3/4" intake and 3" exhaust maximum size measured at the smallest point at the housing. No water cooled, ball         
bearing or variable geometry turbo allowed. No bushing, reducer or slug permitted. No holes or slots permitted.

10,500 lbs:
Engine up to 475 cu inch are limited in turbo size to 2 3/4" inlet and 3 1/2" outlet. Engines between 475 cu inch           
and 540 cu inch are limited to 2 5/8" inlet and 3" outlet as measured at the smallest diameter in housings. This rule is
on a trial basis and subject to a handicap if needed

9.    No water injection or mixing of fuels. No pre or post coolers or ice unless factory equipped for that model.

10.  The addition of one lift pump is allowed

11.   If a steel fan is used, engine side shields must be installed (See Pro Stock rule 9). Electric fans
are                               recommended

12.  Tractor exhaust systems must be pointed straight up. Turbo tractors must have 2 Grade 5 3/8' bolts in
the                     vertical portion of the pipe installed at 90 degrees and within 1" of each other.

13.   Tractors must have a hood, floorboards, fenders, grill, frame rails, transmission housing and rear end for
that               model tractor. Tires and wheels may be change.  Outboard brakes are permitted. All listed components
must be         in original locations.

14.   Maximum drawbar height is 20" to the top of the hitching device. Minimum drawbar length is 18" from the
center         of the rear axle to the point of hook ( See General Rules - Vehicles). D-ring hitch made of 1" steel with 3"

15.   Maximum RPM is 3100. A first offense of a RPM reading between 3100 and 3200 will result in a
verbal                       warning. For a second offense over 3100 RPM or a first offense of RPM over 3200 the puller will
receive last               place points and prize money. Any further violation of RPM over 3100 will be reviewed by the
class rep., tech               rep, and track official and a minimum 3 event suspension will be issued. Tractors are to be
equipped with a                single magnet pickup installed on the engine front balancer or on the flywheel and wired to
the rear of the tractor.         All tractors will have their senders connected to the remote tachometer on the sled at
every pull.  

16.  No weights behind the rear axle. Weights can be added to the rear wheel centres. All weights must be
secured           on brackets and not on the platform. Front weights must be hung on stock weight bracket in original
position with        no fabricated extensions.

17.  Air shutoffs are required and a connection located at the rear center of the tractor. When pulled it must limit
the           air going into the intake of the tractor. Air shutoffs must be able to be engaged from the rear of the tractor
and by         the operator of the tractor when sitting in the seat. A dump or bypass valve is mandatory between the
filter(s) and        injection pump, as close to the injection pump as possible and is to be operated by the driver while

18.  Wide front axles only. No tricycles.

19.  Wheelie bars are required. Bars must extend 2" beyond the edge of the rear tires. Stabilizer pads must be
a               minimum of 24" from the outside of one to the outside of the other, a minimum of 24 sq in each and a
maximum          height of 8" off the ground when parked on a flat surface. Vertical bars are to extend up form the rear
edge of the        pad a minimum of 12" and are to be of equal strength material to the rest of the bars. Bars are to be
capable of          supporting the tractors weight in the heaviest class entered. No wheels allowed.

20.   In 10500 only all tractors must have a ROPS for the 2017 season, the ROPS must be able to tractor in the event
of a rollover. All tractors must have a functioning seat belt and seat belt must be worn while hooked to the pulling
sled. Ladder        bars and roll cages are permitted.  If the tractor is equipped with a roll cage the driver must wear a
5 point                    harness and fire suit.

21.  Any power shift transmission with more than one shift (up and back - ie. Dual power) requires an
approved                  scatter blanket.

22.  It is mandatory that all tractors be equipped with a deadmans throttle. A fuel compatible fire extinguisher must
be        within reach of the operator.

Additional rules for 8000 lb class only

23.  Gas and LP motors are permitted 1 carb. Carb updates and 4 barrel carbs are permitted. Electronic ignition
is           permitted. No mechanical or electronic fuel injection is allowed on gas or LP motors.

24.  Oil cooler eliminators are permitted. Inter/aftercoolers are permitted if they come stock on the tractor/

25.  Aftermarket oil filter, oil filter housing, fuel filter and fuel filter housing are permitted. Aftermarket crossover
pipes         are permitted.

26.  Elecrtic water pump is permitted

27.  Manufactured front axles are permitted. Stock wheel base is mandatory. Light weight front grills and
floorboards         are permitted. No aluminum frame rails.

28.  Only steel rims and centers are permitted. No aluminum  rims, front or back. Single and double cut
agricultural             tires are permitted. No puller tires allowed.