Pro Street Semi
Class Rep
Mike Jessop

General Rules
All vehicles/drivers must comply with general rules

All drivers must have a valid drivers license
Truck must be plated and insured

Air Bags
The use of air bags is permitted. However no air may be added or removed from the air bags while the truck is hooked to the
pulling sled.

No chaining or strapping up suspension.

The batteries must be securely mounted. They may not be located in the driver compartment or forward of the radiator core

Trucks must have a minimum of 66 inches from the center of the tandems to the first structural obstruction such as the bunk,
headache rack, tool box, etc this is the minimum swing clearance needed to pull a trailer.

Air or hydraulic functional brakes are mandatory. Permitted on rear axles.

Computer Chips & Boxes
Use of these for engine performance is allowed. No traction control boxes permitted.

Driver Restraint System
The OEM restraint system and shoulder harness is mandatory and must be worn when hooked to the sled.

Engine must be stock appearing. Engine in the truck must have been available in a class 8 truck.

Kill Switches
Ignition type engines must use an electrical ignition kill switch. Diesel engines must use an air shutoff system. Runaway
protection. Hook ring must be located in the center rear of the vehicle, above the point of hitch. The hook ring must be a
minimum of two inches in diameter.

All vehicles must be equipped to direct exhaust upward and away from fuel tanks. Two (2) 3/8 inch diameter bolts of grade
5quality must be installed through exhaust pipe in a cross pattern within one (1) inch of each other and as close to the utrbo as
possible if mufflers have been removed. This will be teched. Bolt heads welded to the pipe or sheet metal screws to mimic this
will be grounds for disqualification.

Fire Extinguisher System
A fire extinguisher system is permitted, it must be securely mounted. All vehicles must have at least a 2 lb extinguisher with
working gauge mounted within drivers reach.

Normal pump diesel

Harmonic Balancer
All engines turning more than 3500 rpm must be equipped with a harmonic balancer or dampener meeting SFI Spec 18.1

The hitch must work from the 5th wheel with the 5th wheel centered between centerline or the front axle to the center of the two
axles. All pullers must provide their own hitch that attaches to the 5th wheel. The hitch hole must be 3x3 in size. The hitch
height is 22 inches. The height of the hitch must remian the same from start to inish of the pull. Any changes in hitch height will
be cause for disqualification.

Water injection is allowed (water only)

Factory style or aftermarket air to air intercoolers are allowed, water or air.

Must meet factory firewall

Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous Oxide is prohibited. No other oxygen extenders are allowed. All system components must be removed from the truck

Propane is prohibited. All system components must be removed form the truck

Street Equipment
Complete headlight and tailight assemblies are mandatory. Complete OEM windshield and all other windows are mandatory.

The tires must be DOT strret tires. No cut tires permitted

Transmissions must have been available ina class 8 truck

Drive Shafts
Drive shaft hoops are required to prevent drive shaft from coming out if u joint comes apart. 1 piece drive line minimum 2
hoops, 2 piece drive dhaft minimum 3 hoops

Truck with triple rear drive axles are not permitted