Hot Stock Trucks
Class Rep: Shane Lefebvre
Tech: Matt Boyes, Dayton Grensewich, Shane Lefebvre
If the intent of something is not here a rule, it is not allowed. No grace or demo hooks.

1) a) All Hot Stock 4x4 trucks must be naturally aspirated with OEM cast iron intake and cast heads and exhaust
manifolds, single carburetor. Diesel 4x4 trucks (Chevy, Ford, Dodge) must have factory turbo system or factory
injectors and factory mechanical pumps only.  Maximum turbo size is S362 mm and must run a 58mm sleeve, no
clipped wheels or step down covers. All air must pass through inducer bore only. No slots or grooves allowed. No
liquid to air inter coolers. No water injection allowed. No alcohol is allowed in the fuel system.

1) b) All fuel injection trucks must use cast iron block, cast iron factory exhaust manifolds, factory truck intake
manifold and factory truck heads and factory fuel injection systems.

2) Mufflers must be attached and functioning. Two 3/8" cross bolts shall be installed in the exhaust pipe as close to
the turbo exhaust outlet as is possible.. Diesel exhaust must exit vertically

3) General track rules will apply. If needed a handicapping system will be used temporarily.

4) Hitch point is to be the rearmost point of the truck, rigid in all directions and a maximum of 22 inches from the top
of the hitching device to the ground(See General Rules - Vehicles). No part of hitching device to exceed the center of
the rear axle. No hitch angle greater than  the angle of the sled chain. Acceptable hitch angle is 0 degrees to a
maximum of 28 degrees. Hitch length to be a minimum 34% of the wheelbase.

5) No air shocks, blocks, straps or chains are allowed to make truck suspension rigid. No suspension stop blocks
front or rear.

6) Hot stock trucks will weigh no more than 5500 lbs. Added weight may not be mounted forward of stock positioned
bumper and/or grill. No weight bars or snowplow harness allowed. Weights must be secure and not in cab.

7) Stock truck suspension must move. All front axle weight must be sprung. Must compress and unload freely by
hand.  No ladder bars, torque arms, or coil truck arm rear suspension allowed. Leaf spring rear suspension only.

8) Tires to be stamped DOT approved and not exceed 31x10.5x15, 265x75x16 or 265x70x17. Not to exceed 17"
wheels. No cutting, shaving, or sharpening of the tread. No studded tires. No dual wheels.

9) Boxes will be stock in appearance to include tailgates, and/or barn doors  etc. and must have a full floor or
tonneau cover or both. No complete fiberglass bodies and/or boxes. Fiberglass not to exceed 50% of the box.

10) Any changes or modifications of rules will be done with the unanimous vote of the class rep and 3 elected tech
people from the class with approval of the executive of OTTPA in whole.

11) No truck may hook in two different divisions at the same event.

12) All trucks must have working brakes on all four wheels.

13) Maximum of 526 CID engine size.

14) All trucks competing in the Hot Stock 4x4 class must comply with all Hot Stock 4x4 rules.

15) No engine driven fans.

16) Truck frames, 3/4 ton or less may be outside plated from rear of front shackles to front of rear shackle. Plated
frames must have a void of 16 inches in the approximate centre to be unplated, unboxed, factory stock. One ton
frames to remain unplated and unboxed.

17) Hood scoops or air cleaner assembly must not be higher than 5 inches above the stock hood line in closed
position. Hood must open completely without any obstruction.


1) Vehicles must have an SFI approved balancer or covered with 1/4 inch steel shield 1" wide, 360 degrees around
a harmonic balancer no more than 1" away from balancer. Water pump may be used. Harmonic balancer must be
bolted on.

2) All automotive type engines with bell housings and clutch will run a full block plate, either a unit commercially
available or minimum 3/16" steel or minimum 1/4" aluminium with six 3/8" grade # 5 bolts evenly spaced on the
bottom of the bell housing and a blanket for automatics from front to back or short blanket on bell housing with 3/16"
steel shield over body of transmission. Standard transmission must have a steel bell housing complete with
commercially available or 3/16" block plate.

3) All driveshaft "U" joints must be shielded as to contain the joint and shaft in the event of a failure due to breakage.
Must have rear drive shaft center hoop. Minimum thickness steel 1/4" or aluminum 3/8"

4) Drivers must wear a lap seat belt and a DOT SNELL approved helmet.

5) Engine shields minimum 16 gauge steel or 1/4 inch aluminium to cover the entire block that the frame does not
cover. (Diesel powered trucks may use 1/4" rubber belting which must close off between frame and inner fender).

6) All trucks must be equipped with properly functioning neutral safety switch. Clutch pedal must be fully depressed to
activate starter on manual trucks. All diesel trucks must be equipped with an air shutoff or guillotine placed in the
intake tract before the turbo. The shut off will have a cable or similar connection to the rear of the truck as part f the
kill system.

7) Fire extinguishers must be secured in the cab of truck within accessible reach of the driver at all times, fully
charged and be compatible to the fuel being used.

8) Backup light must be functional and operate as designed by the manufacturer. No manual backup light switch
devices are acceptable. Rear kill switch must disable the ignition and electric fuel pumps